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In 2013, Mmm...Cakes was created as a small home based cake and dessert business by Chula Vista native Jose Barajas. During the early days he gained a small following around San Diego County due to his extravagant, creative and unique cakes.


It was around this time that Jose began appearing in several TV competitions, to include TLC's 'Next Great Baker', Food Network's 'Cake Wars' and 'Holiday Gingerbread Showdown' as well as working behind the scenes for shows like 'Nailed It!' and 'Is It Cake?!'


Soon after it became quite clear that it was time to move somewhere where he could meet his full creative potential. So in 2021, together with his sister-in-law Stevie and brother Miguel, the family owned and operated Mmm...Cakes opened its first store front in historic Third Ave in Chula Vista, CA.


Our mission is simple, to create and provide a friendly, unique and tasteful experience for all of our guests. 


We look forward to having you join us!

310 3rd Ave Suite C4,

Chula Vista, CA 91910

Tel: 619-500-5162



Tues - Sat: 9am - 9pm

Sun: 9am - 5pm


Tues - Sun: 9am - 3pm

  • Do you deliver pastries/food via app based services (Grubhub, Uber Eats, etc.)?"
    We do not. It would be difficult for us to participate in any delivery service app since we cannot keep inventory of any of our baked goods with the apps.
  • I know you only make a limited amount of baked goods and pastries each day, can I call to reserve some?"
    Or course you can! You can call us at (619)500-5162 to reserve pastries for the following day. Keep in mind we are closed on Mondays, so if you need some for that day, you will need to reserve on Saturday for Sunday pick up.
  • Do you offer cupcakes?
    Cupcakes are not our forte. We do not offer cupcakes, but we have our Ready-to-Go Cakes for you to enjoy!
  • Do you offer decorating classes?
    Follow us on Instagram for the latest news and upcoming classes!
  • I need a custom cake, how much are they?"
    Custom cakes prices vary. We price them depending on number of servings and complexity. Keep in mind that even if you only want to just serve a certain amount of people, more than likely you will have to purchase a cake that serves more or less guests due to the sizes of the cakes we bake. Also, sometimes a smaller cake may take much longer to create than a larger one and therefore will be priced much higher. Our minimum for any custom cake is $150. Pricing for wedding and custom cakes start at $5/serving for naked cakes, $8/serving for buttercream cakes and $9/serving for fondant cakes. Novelty/Sculpted cakes start at $15/serving and a minimum of $300.
  • Why are Novelty/Sculpted cakes so expensive?
    Novelty/Sculpted cakes take an extremely long time to make. We begin at scaling what you want us to replicate. That take a lot of time and math. We also go on a trip to the hardware store (and make all the items food safe) to create the structure for the cake. Lastly at times we must use modelling chocolate and other fillers in order to create the Novelty/Sculpted cake. So, you can see how much time and supplies are invested in creating an amazing work of art.
  • How far in advanced should I order my cake?
    We encourage everyone to order their cake as soon as they begin planning their event. At the very least two weeks in advanced. Anything reserved closer than two weeks to the event will incur a rush fee. We get clients booking their cakes 6 months to a year in advanced. All our dates are at a first come, first served basis. This also helps with locking in current prices before they go up. The sooner the better!
  • Do you offer delivery?
    Yes, we do! We offer and highly encourage delivery! Cost of delivery varies upon distance. We only deliver Wedding, Custom or Novelty/Sculpted Cakes. We do not offer delivery for our pastries, food, or Ready-to-Go Cakes.
  • I got quoted a cake at a lower price a while ago, why is it higher now?"
    As prices of ingredients, gas, and supplies go up, so do our cakes. We cannot guarantee the original price we give clients if they do not pay a deposit. Keep in mind if you do not pay your first deposit invoice within 24 hours of issue, it will get cancelled and you will risk any price increase.
  • Can I order a custom cake the week of the event?
    Although there is no guarantee we will have time to accommodate, it never hurts to ask! We have slow seasons just like any other businesses. But if we can, please know that we will have to add a 20% rush fee if we need to have our cake artists stay longer to make your edible work of art happen.
  • How do I inquire for a cake? Can I call or go to the bakery?
    Due to working on not just the custom cakes, but the bakery, we do not allow walk ins or phone call to inquire about cakes. We ask all clients to begin the inquiring process via our inquiring form on our website. Once you submit an inquiry, please allow 48 to 72 hours for a response (at times, response can take longer due to high volume of inquiries). If your cake requires a sit-down consultation, we will set one up via email conversation. The reason we do most our consulting via email is to keep track of our conversation to make sure we have every detail recorded to ensure a perfect cake.
  • Do you offer in person consultation and tasting?
    Yes, we do! If your cake is too custom for emails or if you wish to sit down and have a tasting we do offer consultations in person. For $25 you will have a 45 minute in person consultation, or for $60 you can have a 45 minute consultation with a tasting. Don’t worry, once you lock in a cake with us the fees paid for the consultation will go into the down payment of your cake. Lastly, in person cake consultations are reserve for cake that are $300 and above.
  • How many flavors can my cake have?
    Only tiered cakes can have 2 flavors as long as they serve a minimum of 30 guests. 3 flavors for 60 guests, and 4 for 100 guests. Frankly, we suggest 2 tops to make sure all your guests have cake. We all have that Aunt or Uncle that wants to try one of each!
  • I didn’t pay for delivery and chose pick up for my cake and my cake collapsed. Can you come or can I take it back to get fixed?
    Unfortunately, we cannot. Once our cakes leave the bakery, we are no longer responsible for the cake. If time allows, at an additional cost, you can bring the cake back to the bakery and we can assess any way we can fix it. If we deliver, this will insure full responsibility from our part from bakery to the cakes final display area. Consider delivery an extra insurance for your cake.
  • I’m shopping around for a cake at other local bakeries that are offering the same style cake cheaper. Can you go lower in price?
    We strive in being one of the high-end bakeries in the county. We understand that not everyone can afford our custom cakes, but we must stick with our prices because we take so much time and care to create a perfect cake for all our clients. We do offer some budget friendly options such as our Ready-toGo Cakes or Foam Cakes. You can purchase Ready-to-Go Cakes by ordering 24 hours ahead of time and still enjoy our delicious cakes at a lower cost.
  • What are your Ready-to-Go Cakes?
    Our Ready-to-Go Cakes are same the delicious cakes we sell by the slice daily, but in its entirety! You can order a 6” or 9” size! They are decorated just the same way we do them at the bakery and can be ready within 24 hours upon ordering. Please keep in mind that we are closed Mondays so if you need a Ready-to-Go Cake that day, please order over the phone or in person no later than Saturday.
  • Can you add any decorations or different color frosting to your Ready-to-Go Cakes?
    Unfortunately, we cannot. Our Ready-to-Go Cakes cannot be customized for us to keep the cost low to you. We are more than happy to add a fondant plaque with a special message on the cake. If you wish to add more flair to your cake, you can go to Standlee’s Inc. down the street and purchase your own cake toppers and/or decorations to make it more personal. Any additional decorations will be done by our clients, not us.
  • I want a big extravagant cake, but I’m not having many guests, can you make that happen?"
    We can! We do offer Foam Cakes. These are cakes made from Styrofoam (still decorated with edible materials) to give the illusion that you have a big over the top cake. These cakes also help if you are on a budget. Our only requirement is that you must purchase enough of our Banquet Style Cake (lightly frosted sheet cakes exclusively for our Foam Cakes) to feed 50% of the amount that the Foam Cake is projected to serve. For example, you want a Foam Cake to look like it serves 1000 guests, you must purchase enough Banquet Style Cakes to serve 500 guests. Cost of Foam Cakes are at a cheaper cost since they aren’t made of real cake inside, Banquet Style Cakes are a separate cost. This option is only available looking for Foam Cakes to "serve" 100+ guests.


We do ask that orders for events be placed at least 2 weeks prior. Anything within the 2 week period is subject to a 20% rush fee.

In-person consultations are be subject to a consultation fee and must meet a $300 cake price minimum. 

For Ready to go Cakes, place order in-person or over the phone no later than Noon the day before the cake is needed. We no longer take ready cake orders online.

Due to high volume of emails, all inquiries are limited to a certain number of email responses.

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Thank you for your interest in Mmm Cakes! Please allow 48 to 72 hours for a response from our Director of Events. Due to high volume of inquiries, response may take longer than usual. All correspondence is via e-mail, so please check your spam folders.

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